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Malting barley research promises to benefit beer brewing

Saskatoon, SK – University of Saskatchewan research into improved malting barley for brewing better beer has received a major boost as a result of a funding agreement signed recently with grain marketer Parrish & Heimbecker (P&H).

Under the agreement, P&H will provide $450,000 over five years to the university’s Crop Development Centre (CDC) for malting barley research and development, enhancing the centre’s ability to refine and improve premium malting and brewing quality.

As well, the support will enable CDC to develop more disease-resistant, higher-yielding varieties and to release superior new varieties more quickly and efficiently.

“Malting barley research and development, especially the development of improved varieties well adapted to Saskatchewan growing conditions, is critical to our long-term success,” says Jim McKerchar, P&H’s general superintendent.

P&H is a grain handling and marketing organization dedicated to providing superior products to both its farmer and end-user clients.