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$3.2M awarded to crop research projects

Regina, SK – More than $3.2 million in funding is being provided by Saskatchewan’s Agriculture Development Fund (ADF) for 23 crop-related research projects.

In addition to this funding, the provincial government is continuing to provide $1 million in annual operational support to the Crop Development Centre at the University of Saskatchewan.

The breakdown of the funding by commodity is as follows: 

– Pulses $1,068,540
– Oilseeds $766,055
– Cereals $539,312
– Honeybees $270,000
– Other/General Crops $616,340

Research projects receiving funding are as follows:

University of Saskatchewan:
– Department of Food and Bioproduct Sciences, Sphingolipids from Saskatchewan Crops, Funding: $179,500, Contact: Michael Rogers (306) 966-5028.
– Department of Plant Sciences and Crop Development Centre, Plant Growth Regulators as a Disease Management Tool in Potatoes, Funding: $40,000, Contact: Doug Waterer (306) 966-5860
– Growing Conditions and Crop Performance in Multispan High Tunnels, Funding: $60,000, Contact: Doug Waterer (306) 966-5860
– Enhancing the Nutritional Value of Saskatchewan Pulses through Improved Levels of Folate and Carotenoids, Funding: $104,800, Contact: Tom Warkentin (306) 966-2371
– Enhancing Nitrogen Management through Genetics in Cereal-legume Crop Rotations, Funding: $149,835, Contact: Pierre Hucl (306) 966-8667
– Exploiting Response to Photoperiod to Improve Adaptation and Yield of Chickpea in Canadian Prairies, Funding: $252,500, Contact: Bunyamin Taran (306) 966-2130
– Development of Semi-dwarf Durum Wheat Cultivars with Enhanced Protein Concentration, Funding: $295,477, Contact: Curtis Pozniak (306) 966-2361
– Intercropping Field Pea Varieties for Organic Production, Funding: $78,200, Contact: Steven Shirtliffe (306) 966-4959
– Lentil Resistance Gene Identification Using Legumes Comparative Genomics, Funding: $181,040, Contact: Kirstin Bett (306) 966-4947

Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada:
– Industrial Oilseed Mustard: Ethiopian Mustard Optimized for High Oil and Sinigrin Content for Industrial Applications, Funding: $136,312, Contact: Kevin Falk (306) 956-7614
– Improving Camelina Seed Quality and Disease Resistance in a Mutagenized Population, Funding: $257,000, Contact: Kevin Falk (306) 956-7614
– Synergy of Microbial Fungicides and Cultivar Resistance for Control of Clubroot on Canola, Funding: $144,000, Contact: Gary Peng (306) 956-7617
– Natural Insecticides from Peas, Funding: $402,000, Contact: Russell Hynes (306) 956-7638

Saskatchewan Beekeeper’s Association:
– The Saskatraz Project: The Saskatchewan Beekeepers Honey Bee Breeding Program-Renewal, Funding: $270,000, Contact: Albert J Robertson (306) 373-9140

Saskatchewan Flax Development Commission:
– Northern Adapted Flax Variety Development Project, Funding: $150,000, Contact: Linda Braun (306) 664-1901

Saskatchewan Research Council:
– Energy Division, Pretreatment of Lignocellulose Prior to Fermentation to Ethanol, Funding: $120,000, Contact: Cindy Jackson (306) 787-9388

Alberta Invasive Plants Council:
– Screening and Testing Biological Control Agents for Common Tansy, Funding: $90,000, Contact: Virginia Battiste (403) 982-7923

Parrheim Foods:
– Functional Behaviour of Pea Starch-hydrocolloid Blends, Funding: $50,000, Contact: Shannon Hood (306) 931-1655
– Incorporation of Barley Flours into Frozen and Refrigerated Doughs, Funding: $34,000, Contact: Shannon Hood (306) 931-1655

EcoTech Research Ltd:
– Improve Yields by Incorporating Soil Conductivity Measurements into Precision Farming Practices, Funding: $81,240, Contact: Evan Morris (306) 352-2468

Prairie Agricultural Machinery Institute:
– Conditions for Long-Term Storage of New Higher Oil Content Canola, Funding: $78,743, Contact: Phil Leduc (306) 682-5033 Ext. 224

Canadian Malting Barley Technical Centre:
– Market Development of New Six-Row Malting Barleys, Funding: $60,000, Contact: Robert McCaig (204) 983-1981

Canadian Cherry Producers Inc:
Variety Variations in New and Existing University of Saskatchewan Sour Cherries, Funding: $45,600, Contact: Bruce Hill (306) 963-2632