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LifeLabs locates provincial testing centre in Niagara Region

Thorold, ON – Laboratory testing services company LifeLabs Medical Laboratory Services says it has chosen to locate its Provincial Centre for Fecal Occult Blood Testing (FOBT) at its Niagara Regional Lab in Thorold, ON. FOBT testing is used to identify colorectal-related illnesses, including colon cancer.

The move is a result of the company’s involvement in the province’s colon cancer checking program, according to the company’s acting CEO, Frank Amodeo. The company is a major supporter of the program through the provision of FOBT collection kits to physicians and pharmacists, the testing of FOBT kits and the delivery of test results.

The screening program is designed to detect colorectal cancer at an early asymptomatic stage, thereby reducing the rate of mortality. One of the ways the program supports this goal is by providing funding to screen all average risk men and women 50 years and older using FOBT. When caught early through regular screening, colorectal cancer is 90% curable.

“We are pleased to consolidate all related FOBT testing work in this part of the province, where it will be supported by our professionally trained staff and a state-of-the-art testing facility,” says Amodeo.