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MDS Pharma Services doubles North American testing capacity

Philadelphia, PA – MDS Pharma Services, a provider of drug discovery and development services, says it has opened its first central lab in the United States.

The new 15,000 sq-ft facility, located in North Brunswick, New Jersey is fully operational, expanding the company’s capabilities in late-stage pharmaceutical testing. It provides central lab support services for clinical trials.

In addition to standard safety testing, the facility provides esoteric testing including molecular biology, molecular genetics, flow cytometry, and immunoassays. These complex tests are being used increasingly in the drug development industry in the evaluation of targeted treatments for conditions such as cancer, autoimmune diseases, diabetes, and immune deficiencies.

“We established this lab to meet the growing demand from clients for a facility in the United States that offers both standard and complex testing to support the development of new treatments,” says David Spaight, MDS Pharma Services President.

The company began offering central lab clinical trial testing services nearly 20 years ago when it established a central lab in Toronto. It now has facilities in the United States, Canada, Germany, France, Singapore, and China as well as affiliate labs in Argentina, Brazil, and Mexico.