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Clean air research fund established with $600,000 funding

Victoria, BC – British Columbia’s provincial government is providing $600,000 over three years to advance air quality research through the new BC Clean Air Research (CLEAR) Fund.

The fund will support research to address the challenges of air quality protection and the need to reduce the negative effects of air pollution. It is also intended to provide a forum for members of the scientific community, environmental organizations, government and industry to advance the science of air quality management by fostering the creation and strengthening of cross-sector partnerships.

Administered by the Fraser Basin Council, the program will be managed by a steering committee made up of representatives from the Ministry of Environment, Metro Vancouver and Environment Canada. The committee will be in charge of reviewing proposals, and monitoring and evaluating the progress and results of projects funded through the CLEAR Fund.

Research projects financed through the CLEAR Fund will help identify air pollutants at their source and provide realistic solutions to reduce emissions. Projects will also explore the impacts of air pollution on human health and the environment, and contribute to a better understanding of the conditions associated with poor air quality.

More information is available on the program’s website at