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$6.45M supports aquaculture genomics research project

St Andrew’s, NB – A genomics research project on cod aquaculture in Atlantic Canada is receiving up to $6.45 million over the next three years in funding from the federal government. The total value of the four year project is $18.2 million. The remainder of the funding will be contributed by various regional innovation and research partners. The project, entitled “Atlantic Cod Genomics And Broodstock Development” is led by researchers at Huntsman Marine Centre and the Atlantic Genome Centre in partnership with Genome Atlantic.

“Genome Canada is proud to participate in this project with Genome Atlantic,” says Dr Martin Godbout, president and CEO of Genome Canada. “Genomics and proteomics research will play an increasingly important role in how we manage our natural resources in the future. This project is an important step.”

Funding partners also include Fisheries and Oceans Canada’s St Andrews Biological Station, Memorial University of Newfoundland’s Ocean Sciences Centre and Cooke Aquaculture. “Cod has always been important to Atlantic Canada,” says Dr Michael Dennis, CEO of Genome Atlantic. “Funding of the Cod Project will enhance the world-class genomics research capacity in Atlantic Canada and bring important breakthroughs to our growing aquaculture industry.”

The program will identify and select elite broodstock through the application of selective breeding and genomics. “This project will establish cod breeding programs in New Brunswick and Newfoundland to ensure fast growing, healthy, high quality cod,” says Dr Jane Symonds of the Huntsman Marine Science Centre, who is also co-leader of the cod project.