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$5M grant kicks off clinical research plans for pharmacogenomics partnership

Montreal, QC – An academic/private partnership in pharmacogenomics research project at the Montreal Heart Institute has received a $5 million grant from Genome Quebec.

The project is focussed on translating the scientific and technological advances and breakthroughs in pharmacogenomics into techniques, approaches and procedures that can be applied in clinical medicine.

In partnership with VIA Pharmaceuticals of California, the MHI research team, led by principal researchers Drs Jean-Claude Tardif and Michael Phillips, will develop the clinical infrastructure required to conduct pharmacogenomic clinical trials in across Canada and elsewhere in the world.

“The new technologies and approaches developed will have a major impact on our capacity to conduct large-scale clinical trials and will make us that much more competitive internationally,” says Dr Tardif, who is also director of the MHI Research Centre and professor of medicine at the Universite de Montreal.