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$583M funding for 10,000 researchers across the country

Ottawa, ON – $583 million in funding is being provided to 10,000 professors and students across Canada by the federal government through the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC).

As a result of the current competition, some 3,300 professors from across Canada will receive $458.8 million in Discovery Grants to support their research in the natural sciences and engineering. (These awards are normally paid out over five years.)

In addition, 2,402 young university researchers – 2,148 at the graduate level and 254 at the postdoctoral level – will receive $99.2 million to pursue their studies in these fields, while 4,296 undergraduate students will receive Undergraduate Student Research Awards worth a total of $19.3 million to give them hands-on research experience in a laboratory.

This year also sees the introduction of the discovery accelerator supplements, a new NSERC initiative to foster research excellence. With a total of $6 million in new funding, this initiative will provide significant supplements to a select group of researchers in order to boost their productivity at a critical juncture in their careers.

These new grants target 50 outstanding researchers. Based on their success and accomplishments so far, we believe they are poised to make real breakthroughs in their fields, and we believe it is critically important to support them financially at this time,” says Dr Fortier.

The universities receiving funding are as follows:

– University of Toronto, $65.8 million
– University of British Columbia, $46.4 million
– McGill University, $38.6 million
– University of Alberta, $31.9 million
– University of Waterloo, $29.9 million
– The University of Western Ontario, $21.2 million
– Universite de Montreal, $19.7 million
– University of Calgary, $18.5 million
– Dalhousie University, $18.0 million
– Universite de Sherbrooke, $17.8 million
– Universite Laval, $17.6 million
– McMaster University, $17.3 million
– Queen’s University, $16.0 million
– University of Ottawa, $15.7 million
– University of Manitoba, $14.0 million