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$11M in funding supports 68 projects across Ontario

Sudbury, ON – Ontario’s provincial government has announced $11 million in funding to support 68 projects in the fourth round of the Ontario Research Fund – Research Infrastructure program. The initiative helps researchers obtain the tools they need to stay on the cutting-edge of innovation, including lab equipment and computer software.

The funding supports operating, overhead and capital costs of research and development at universities, colleges and hospitals. Through this fund, the province matches the funding commitment made by the Canada Foundation for Innovation (CFI). Project funding is shared among the CFI (up to 40%), the province (up to 40%), and the research institutions (at least 20%).

“We need to ensure that Ontario is nimble in the fast-paced global economy,” said Dalton McGuinty, the province’s premier and minister of research and innovation. “Today, more than ever, our economic and social prosperity depends on our ability to compete and win in the marketplace.”

Following is a list of science, medical and engineering-related projects that received funding. The list details the institution and lead researcher, project description, and provincial funding amount:

– Carleton University; Hepworth, Shelley; Facility for the study of plant metabolism and development; $244,199

– Carleton University; DeRosa, Maria; Laboratory for aptamer discovery and development of emerging applications research ; $120,523

– Carleton University; Adler, Andy; Biomedical and biometric sensors and signal analysis; $116,438

– Laurentian University; Montaut, Sabine; Mass spectrometer for identification of bioactive natural products; $73,633

– Laurentian University; Henda, Redhouane; Pulsed electron deposition facility for value-added advanced materials processing; $77,595

– McMaster University; Mozharivskyj, Yurij; Image plate single crystal-X-ray diffractometer for investigation of complex inorganic solid-state materials; $100,000

– Queen’s University; Kim, Il-Yong; Analysis and design of biomechanical and automotive systems; $100,000

– Queen’s University; Lomax, Alan; Delineating the mechanisms of microvascular dysfunction during gastrointestinal disease; $80,000

– Queen’s University; Davey, Scott; Integrating basic and translational cancer research through studies of the DNA damage response; $217,760

– Queen’s University; Allingham, John; Rational design of novel anti-cancer agents using structural and functional information of the interaction between natural product small molecules and their protein targets; $549,189

– Queen’s University; Rau, Wolfgang; Dark matter search with cryogenic detectors: contributions to CDMS and SuperCDMS; $192,000

– Ryerson University; Liu, Guang Jun; Experimental systems for research on modular and reconfigurable robot and aircraft engine bleed air systems control; $150,000

– University of Guelph; Sikkema, Peter; Sustainable pest management in field and horticultural crops; $380,282

– University of Guelph; Johnson, Ron; Integrated venous function in chronic heart failure; $126,828

– University of Guelph; Wright, Amanda J; Facility for nutraceutical encapsulation and performance research; $126,045

– University of Guelph; Bent, Leah; Microneurography facility for the investigation of spinal circuitry in the human related to movement and balance; $86,529

– University of Guelph; Lim, Loong-Tak; Research setup for active food packaging systems, biodegradable material forming, and food-packaging interaction; $84,418

– University of Guelph; Fudge, Douglas S; Tissue, Cell, and Protein Dynamics Laboratory; $252,319

– University of Guelph; Garrett, Paul E; High efficiency gamma-ray spectrometer for beta-decay experiments; $149,364

– University of Guelph; De Kerckhove, Diane; Canada’s first state-of-the-art, one micron nuclear microprobe; $145,795

– University of Guelph; Anand, Madhur; From local observations to global models: Infrastructure for studying ecological change; $122,095

– University of Guelph; Corredig, Milena; A set up for the study of protein-based nanoparticles and their functionality; $98,911

– University of Guelph; Dutcher, John R; State-of-the-art facility for the characterization of manipulation of soft matter at interfaces; $134,379

– University of Ontario Institute of Technology; Forrester, Sean; Facility for nematode ion channel research; $38,129

– University of Ottawa; Gueaieb, Wail; Infrastructure for Smart Autonomous Mobile Robots for Rescue Missions (SAMRRM); $62,864

– University of Ottawa; Kazanina, Nina; Brain and language laboratory; $142,304

– University of Ottawa; Copland, Luke; Laboratory for cryospheric research; $205,829

– University of Ottawa; Wang, Lisheng; Laboratory for human embryonic stem cell research and regenerative medicine; $139,998

– University of Ottawa; Marcoux, Andr; Research unit on childhood hearing impairment; $126,351

– University of Ottawa; Zhang, Xia; Equipment for studying cannabinoid receptor coupling with opioid and dopamine receptors; $170,000

– University of Ottawa; Zhang, Zisheng; Fermentation of recombinant organisms for the production of functional proteins; $64,109

– University of Ottawa; Rauch, Frank; Bone health research laboratory; $100,000

– University of Toronto; Morris, Quaid D; Systems biology through machine learning; $128,873

– University of Toronto; Master, Emma R; Biotechnology for wood fibre processing and engineering; $100,000

– University of Toronto; Stagljar, Igor; Protein interaction network of the yeast MRP-subfamily of ABC transporters; $176,627

– University of Toronto; Simpson, Andre; NMR spectrometer for the investigation of environmental soil processes and toxicity in-situ; $300,000

– University of Toronto; Stanley, Sabine; A supercomputer for numerical simulations of planetary dynamos; $100,000

– University of Toronto; Mahadevan, Radhakrishnan; Laboratory of metabolic systems engineering; $102,150

– University of Toronto; Gruninger, Michael; Infrastructure for semantic technologies laboratory; $113,821

– University of Toronto; Durocher, Daniel; Expansion of DNA damage response laboratory; $175,412

– University of Toronto; Wheeler, Aaron; Laboratories for microfluidic device design and high-analysis; $419,952

– University of Toronto; Brudno, Michael; Infrastructure for whole genome alignment pipeline and supporting computational genomics; $102,628

– University of Toronto; Minassian, Berge; Identification of genetic causes of paediatric neurological conditions and using these to uncover the cellular pathways involved and determine the ways in which they are disturbed; $196,784

– University of Toronto; Gingras, Anne-Claude; Functional proteomics of PP2A – type phosphatases; $159,622

– University of Toronto; Murphy, Jennifer; Infrastructure requirements for field measurements of reactive nitrogen in the atmosphere; $260,000

– University of Toronto; Keller, Gordon; Molecular regulators involved in the lineage-specific differentiation of mouse and human embryonic stem cells; $525,000

– University of Toronto; Behrmann, Marlene; Psychological and neural bases of visual cognition; $120,000

– University of Toronto; Cowen, Leah E; Molecular mechanisms driving the evolution of fungal pathogens and their hosts; $299,188

– University of Waterloo; Giangregorio, Lora; Optimizing osteoporosis diagnosis and management: a multi-faceted osteoporosis research centre; $95,506

– University of Waterloo; Spafford, David; State-of-the-art facility for the development of new biopharmaceuticals and biomarkers for stress detection; $120,000

– University of Waterloo; Dickerson, Clark; Enabling advanced digital ergonomics and shoulder biomechanics research; $178,035

– University of Western Ontario; Poulter, Michael; From DNA repair to neural circuits: Mechanisms of ce
llular and neurological dysfunction; $211,226

– University of Western Ontario; O’Carroll, Denis M; laboratory for the development of innovative groundwater remediation strategies; $227,770

– University of Western Ontario; Prapavessis, Harry; Exercise and health psychology laboratory; $390,036

– University of Western Ontario; Poepping, Tamie L.; Ultrasound systems development laboratory; $227,281

– University of Western Ontario; Ray, Ajay K; Novel photocatalysis and SMB technology laboratory; $255,902

– University of Western Ontario; Lochner, Lance J; Computer-intensive modeling and estimation of lifecycle human capital investment behaviour; $54,102

– University of Western Ontario; Cregan, Sean P; Cell signalling in stroke and neurodegenerative diseases; $62,767

– University of Windsor; Cheng, Shaohong; Infrastructure for a medium-scale green technology wind tunnel research program; $100,000

– University of Windsor; Porter, Lisa ; Viral preparation/cell culture facility for investigating mediators involved in the development and progression of breast cancer; $50,000

– University of Windsor; Carmichael, Tricia; Self-assembled monolayers on ultrasmooth surfaces; $50,000

– Wilfrid Laurier University; Obhi, Sukhvinder S; Infrastructure for cognition in action laboratory; $112,023

– York University; Lavoie, Gino G; Infrastructure to support research in organometallic chemistry for the activation of small molecules and for the polymerization of functionalized olefins; $255,608

– York University; Murray, Richard F; Three-dimensional shape perception: how the human visual system uses statistical regularities in natural scenes to solve an under-constrained problem; $152,477