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$10M strategic alliance extends research into oilseed diversification

Saskatoon, SK – The National Research Council Plant Biotechnology Institute (NRC-PBI) and Dow AgroSciences Canada have signed a five-year strategic alliance. The agreement, with contributions by the parties valued at $10 million over five years, builds on a previous five-year $10 million agreement in the area of canola, demonstrating a commitment of $20 million over 10 years to NRC-PBI research.

The partners say they plan to focus on diversification of oilseed crops to produce new oil profiles for industry and health, as well as improved canola meal for application in the animal feed industry. The agreement also includes research into the development of plant lines that produce valuable proteins such as vaccines.

In 1999, the two parties signed a five-year agreement for research into canola. This prior collaboration led to significant discoveries, including the development of canola plants which produce higher levels of oil and canola meal with reduced levels of anti-nutritional factors.

“Dow AgroSciences Canada’s continued commitment to NRC plant biotechnology research demonstrates the value of our partnership,” says Pierre Coulombe, NRC president. “We will be building upon our previous success to help give Canada a competitive edge in today’s global economy.”