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Cooperative programs to boost science and tech links with Brazil

Brasília, Brazil – Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper today announced renewed funding for the International Science and Technology Partnership Program, as well as the development of a new bilateral Science and Technology Action Plan focused on innovation. He also said that eleven scholarships have been granted under the first-ever Canada-Brazil scholarship program.

The International Science and Technology Partnership Program, announced in 2005, has been renewed in 2010-2011 with $5 million in funding over five years for Brazil. To date, the program has resulted in new collaborative research and development projects with Brazil, notably in the areas of satellite technology, biodegradable plastics, and wavelength converter technology for electrical power.

In addition, a joint committee has been established under the Canada-Brazil Framework Agreement for Cooperation on Science, Technology and Innovation, signed in 2008, to deliver a Science and Technology Action Plan by the end of this year. The plan will encourage Canadian and Brazilian academic and business communities to work together to accelerate the commercialization of research and development in areas of common interest, such as ocean technology, life sciences, clean energy and nanotechnology.