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$12M supports new dairy research cluster

Embrun, ON The Dairy Farmers of Canada has received $12 million from the federal government to lead a research cluster. The plan is to bring together scientific expertise for research in key areas such as sustainable milk production, dairy genetics and genomics, and the nutrition of milk products.

“Research continues to be a strategic investment priority for dairy farmers,” said Wally Smith, president of Dairy Farmers of Canada. “Our research priorities are focused on driving innovation and increased productivity on the farm while contributing to the health and well-being of Canadians. We welcome the investment of the federal government, which leverages farmers’ investment in the dairy cluster, our network of dedicated industry and academic researchers who are committed to Canadian dairy excellence.”

In addition to the federal funding, the Dairy Farmers of Canada is also working with the Canadian Dairy Network and the Canadian Dairy Commission to provide over $6 million funding that will support in cutting-edge research.

Agriculture Canada researchers will collaborate on several priorities, including research that leads to genetic improvement for dairy cattle productivity and profitability, establishing innovative practices for sustainable milk production, and gaining a better understanding of the link between dairy foods and nutrition.

Canada is leading the way in dairy genetics and the results of research have helped to significantly improve milk production per cow over the last 30 years.