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Software module saves time with consumables stock control

LIMS software has a new module for controlling consumables stock which allows lab managers to automatically control stocks of consumables while processing samples. The simple-to-use software was developed to ensure that laboratory users do not require any additional effort to keep control of their constantly changing stocks of consumables. The software is tailored to enable users to avoid the stress associated with discovering they do not have a suitable consumable when processing a vital sample.

The module ensures that all the consumables used within the laboratory can be defined and a record created for each associated consumable. The record contains all the consumable’s details including name, code, supplier, cost and shelf life. The interface works hand-in-hand with the software making it simple for a user to associate any consumables that they are using when performing a specific test method and automatically record how much is consumed when using that method. As a result, when a sample is processed using a specific test method, the LIMS can automatically deduct from stock the amount of each consumable used.

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