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Infectious disease panels include parvovirus panel

Five new infectious disease panels include a first-of-its-kind performance panel for parvovirus B19, most commonly associated with fifth disease, as well as new panels for HIV, HBV, HAV and CMV markers.

The products include:

– Parvovirus B19 mixed titer performance panel, said by the manufacturer to be the world’s first commercially available performance panel for Parvovirus B19 markers with naturally occurring plasma samples.

– HIV genotype performance panel, designed to provide researchers with a diverse set of samples, both geographically and in terms of genotypes: eight of the nine panel members are HIV positive, representing eight different HIV-1 genotypes from seven countries. Made from cultured virus diluted in defibrinated plasma.

– Worldwide HBV DNA performance panel. The 20-member panel includes samples from 10 countries with HBV genotypes ranging from A through H.

– bAnti-Hepatitis A virus mixed titer performance panel is designed to offer a 21-member panel that includes members positive for IgG and IgM, contains specimens collected from 2000 to 2010, and represents a diverse range of HAV reactivities (from low to medium to high).

– Anti-CMV (cytomegalovirus) mixed titer performance panel provides 21 naturally occurring panel members with data from twelve commercially available anti-CMV assays.



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