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Qubec biotechnology incubator inaugurates new facilities in Laval

Laval, QC October 20, 2003 Incubator Qubec Biotechnology Innovation Centre (QBIC) officially inaugurated its new Phase 3 facilities at Biotech City of Greater Montreal today.

The new facilities will occupy 28,000 sq ft and are located in the Laval Biotechnology Development Centre (CDBL), a recent addition to the INRS – Institut Armand-Frappier site in Laval.

“The addition of these new laboratories and offices will enable us to better meet the needs of companies starting up in the biotechnology sector,” says Dr Jacques Gagn, chairman of QBIC’s board of directors.

Canada Economic Development and Economic and Regional Development Department of Qubec each contributed C$2.9 million to finance the new facilities and QBIC’s operating expenses. The centre also benefits from the support of Laval Technopole and INRS-Institut Armand-Frappier, the founders of QBIC, as well as the city of Laval itself.

At last count, QBIC says its resident companies and graduates employed a total of 575 people and had global assets of $117 million. In the past seven years, 13 biotechnology firms launched their operations at the Centre before going their own way, while six other companies currently reside at QBIC.

In 2002, QBIC won the Randall M Whaley incubator of the year award the highest international honour bestowed on a business incubator, all categories.