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Prion Institute announces International Young Researcher Prize

Edmonton, AB – The Alberta Prion Research Institute is recognizing young researchers in prion science by offering a one-time $25,000 prize to be awarded in 2010. The International Young Researcher Prize marks five years since the Prion Institute was created to address issues to do with prion and neurological protein misfolding diseases.

“There is prion and protein misfolding work being done around the globe, and hundreds of up-and-coming researchers are contributing to the collective knowledge,” said Dr Kevin Keough, APRI’s executive director. “This prize is a celebration of that work.”

The prize will be awarded to a principal investigator of an original research project in the area of prions or protein misfolding, which has been published in a paper in peer-reviewed literature within the last five years. Details on eligibility and submissions of the International Young Researcher Prize are available at