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Oncolytics Biotech granted Ras targeted herpes virus patent

Calgary, AB November 24, 2003 Oncolytics Biotech says it has been granted US Patent 6,649,157 entitled “Viruses for the Treatment of Cellular Proliferative Disorders.” The claims in this patent cover the treatment of Ras mediated tumours using modified herpes viruses.

“We now have issued patents covering the treatment of cancers using three groups of viruses, including herpes, adenovirus and reovirus, that target the Ras pathway,” says Dr Matt Coffey, vice president, product development of Oncolytics. “Herpes viruses having alterations in the y34.5 gene are commonly used in programs ranging from basic research to advanced clinical studies.”

The issued claims in this patent cover the use of a herpes virus that has been modified by a mutation in the y34.5 gene, for the treatment of Ras mediated cancers. This is believed to cause this virus to provide specificity in Ras activated cancer cells.