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New centre will enable aerospace and icing technology research

Thompson, MB – A new research centre for the aerospace industry, called the Canadian Environmental Test Research and Education Center (CanETREC), is being built in Thompson, MB.

CanETREC will be a year-round research facility that specializes in supporting engine icing certification and research and development of new, more efficient and advanced aerospace designs. Through partnerships with secondary and post-secondary educational institutions, CanETREC will also offer a wide variety of aeronautical sciences and aerospace research and maintenance programs. The testing technology used will also be applicable in other sectors, such as bus and automotive manufacturing.

CanETREC will be co-located with industry in a new facility being built by the Global Aerospace Centre for Icing and Environmental Research (Glacier). The state-of-the-art facility is a new joint venture between Rolls-Royce Canada and Pratt & Whitney.

The National Research Council Canada (NRC) will supply, own and operate the icing system in Glacier. It will also be partnering with CanETREC. For more than 50 years, NRC has been a pioneer in the development of icing simulation technology for aircraft engines and wings, as well as ice detection equipment for aircraft and atmospheric measurement of icing conditions.

“The CanETREC research and educational initiative is a showcase of industry and government partnership in every respect,” said Bob Hastings, executive director, CanETREC. “While the facility initially focuses on icing research and builds on NRC’s extensive expertise in this domain, plans already exist to extend CanETREC’s reach into areas of noise and emissions reduction, as well as, alternative fuels and lubricants.”

The facility is being supported with funding of $13.4 million from the federal government and a $9 million repayable loan from Manitoba.