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Micralyne and MicroCHIPS expand strategic research and development partnership

Edmonton, AB and Bedford, MA October 8, 2003 Micralyne and MicroCHIPS today announced that they have expanded the scope of their work together for the development of MicroCHIPS’ drug delivery and biosensing devices.

Micralyne, a developer and OEM manufacturer of BioMEMS and other MEMS components, will increase its work with MicroCHIPS as the company’s drug delivery product development activities continue to advance.

“We are very pleased with our collaboration with Micralyne,” says John Santini, president and chief scientific officer of MicroCHIPS. “We have met the milestones for the first phase of this project and are now accelerating the pace of our pre-clinical development work.”

MicroCHIPS’ patented technology is based on microfabricated devices containing hundreds of micro-reservoirs, each of which can be filled with any combination of drugs, reagents, or other chemicals. Alternatively, the reservoirs can serve as tiny protective chambers for microfabricated biosensors.

“Since signing our first agreement with MicroCHIPS in September, 2002, we have been able to deliver on the first stages of their development program on time and on budget,” adds Chris Lumb, president and CEO of Micralyne. “We are enthused to have such a strong relationship with MicroCHIPS and to be expanding our work with them. It is exciting to consider the tremendous potential in this relatively new area of BioMEMS applications and we look forward to continuing to meet their manufacturing requirements.”