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Geoscience research projects receive funding in Saskatchewan

Regina, SK March 26, 2003 Three geoscience projects at the University of Saskatchewan have been provided with a total of $46,000 in funding by the provincial government.

The U of S geological sciences department will research the nature of certain minerals and rocks to provide new perspectives on several sedimentary rock formations that are vital to Saskatchewan’s economic health. The research will facilitate development of future exploration programs.

“By investing in cutting-edge geosciences research we are investing in studies that will be helpful to the potash and petroleum industries, two key contributors to our economy,” says Eric Cline, minister of Industry and Resources.

Provincial support comes from the Geoscience Research and Student Training Program. The three U of S geological sciences research projects include:

– 16,100 to investigate calcium and magnesium isotopes for a better understanding of petroleum reservoirs in Saskatchewan, led by Chris Holmden;

– $15,000 for detailed seismic characterization of the edges of a key potash-bearing rock formation south of Regina, led by Igor Morozov and Zoltan Hajnal;

– $14,900 to analyse carbon and strontium isotopes in certain Saskatchewan carbonate rocks and compare the patterns to those found in Alberta’s petroleum-producing rocks of a similar age. Chris Holmden is leading this research.

“These industrially relevant projects will directly contribute to the training of professionals in geology, geophysics and aspects of computer science, providing new research opportunities for our students in leading-edge technologies,” says Bryan Harvey, acting vice-president of research at the U of S.