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Dr Gilles Cloutier appointed to board of directors of Theratechnologies

Montreal, QC April 1, 2003 Dr Gilles Cloutier, PhD, has joined the board of directors of biotech firm Theratechnologies. The appointment was announced today by A Jean de Grandpr, the company’s chairman of the board.

Dr Cloutier has over 30 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry including five years with contract research organizations providing strategic support to the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry. He has also held key positions with large North-American pharmaceutical companies where he acquired clinical research expertise. His experience encompasses all phases of drug development in the US, Canada and Europe, both at strategic planning and execution of the work needed for successful approval of several investigational agents.

Theratechnologies is engaged in the discovery and development of therapeutic products in the field of endocrinology and metabolism. The company’s peptide portfolio covers various stages of development for the treatment of catabolic disorders (loss of the body’s synthesis and regeneration capacity), osteoporosis and type II diabetes. Its subsidiary, Celmed BioSciences, is active in the field of cell therapy for the treatment of cancer and central nervous system disorders using adult stem cells.