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Digital art contest looking for artistic scientists, or scientific artists

Calgary, AB – Genome Alberta, Genome Canada, and the 2008 International GE(3)LS Symposium have launched a digital art contest with a first prize of $1,000.

The new realities of genomics have come face-to-face with a society that does not always understand the ethical, legal, and environmental considerations of the new biology. Stem cell research and genetically modified food are highly contentious issues but the same science is sought after to protect us against disease and develop plants better able to withstand drought and help feed the hungry.

With a first prize of $1000, second prize of $500 and a third prize of $250, Genome Alberta and its partners are looking for art that depicts this intersection of science and society. The contest is open to anyone, anywhere, and there is an additional Genome Canada Select prize reserved for a Canadian entry. The public is also being asked to vote on their favourite choices.

GE(3)LS stands for Genomics: Ethics, Environment, Economics, Legal, and Society and is an important component of all research undertaken by Genome Alberta, Genome Canada and the other 5 regional genome centres in Canada. The digital art contest is open now, and GE(3)LS International Symposium is being held in Calgary in late April.

For more details on the contest, Genome Alberta, and the GE(3)LS Symposium visit or look for the Genome Alberta group on Facebook.