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Call for papers for Pittcon 2006

The Pittsburgh Conference has issued a call for papers for Pittcon 2006, the 57th annual Pittsburgh Conference and Exposition, which will be held March 12-17, 2006 in Orlando, Florida.

This year’s theme, Foundations for Science, reflects the conference’s goal to showcase the core tools of analytical chemistry (chromatography, electrochemistry) and spectroscopy (mass spectrometry, UV-VIS spectroscopy) and to facilitate the convergence of these quantitative techniques with qualitative bioresearch and drug discovery. The committee has selected 26 invited symposia for next year’s conference; subjects include bioterrorism, bioanalytical methods, chromatographic techniques and spectroelectrochemical methods.

Abstracts are being solicited in a broad range of scientific disciplines such as physical science, nanotechnology, environmental science, forensics, informatics, quality assurance, statistics, pharmaceutical science and food safety. A detailed listing of symposia and abstract subject areas can be found on the conference website,

The deadline for submitting abstracts is Monday, August 1, 2005.