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Biotechnology Human Resource Council projects get green light funding

Ottawa, ON December 10, 2003 Two projects by the Biotechnology Human Resource Council (BHRC) core infrastructure and good clinical practices and quality systems curriculum development have received $789,373 in funding from the federal government.

“We strongly believe that this new funding will help Canadian biotechnology organizations access the skilled employees required by this sector, both now and in the future,” says Jane Stewart, minister of human resources development. “We are please to participate in projects that will help provide a permanent infrastructure for the biotechnology sector to address complex human resources issues over the long term.”

The core infrastructure project will support the continued operation and efforts of the biotech sector to implement its human resources strategy, to advance further partnerships with industry, government and learning institutions. The good clinical practices and quality systems curriculum development project develops and implements comprehensive curriculum and workplace training materials.

A not-for-profit organization, the BHRC focusses on helping Canada’s pool of biotech talent to grow. It offers programs and services intended to attract, develop and retain a highly skilled Canadian biotech work force.