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Baxter awarded major blood product contracts with Canadian Blood Services & Hma-Qubec

Mississauga, ON — March 3, 2003 — Baxter Corporation (Canada) has been awarded a multi-year purchase agreement to be a major supplier to Canadian Blood Services (CBS) and Hma-Qubec (HQ), the two agencies that manage Canada’s blood and blood product supply.

Baxter’s BioScience division provides biopharmaceuticals derived from human plasma or genetic engineering to treat hemophilia, immune deficiencies, and other blood-related disorders. Under the terms of the contract, which begins in April, Baxter will provide biological products used in the treatment of various bleeding disorders.

Baxter will provide Recombinate, a recombinant Factor VIII therapy used to prevent and treat hemorrhagic episodes in people with hemophilia A, as well as other clotting factors, immune support therapies, and antithrombotics.

With each new therapy, Baxter continues to reduce the risks associated with hemophilia treatment, according to Michael Hamilton, vice president of BioScience & Transfusion Therapies with Mississauga-based Baxter Corporation (Canada). “Baxter is in the business of providing critical therapies for life threatening conditions, and we take very seriously our responsibility to CBS and HQ to provide safe products to those who depend on them every day,” says Hamilton.

Baxter also recently introduced an online platform. Advoy enables hemophilia patients, caregivers, and healthcare professionals to share important therapy data, explore therapy resources, and gain access to other valuable information about the disease. The new service is available through Hemophilia Treatment Centres in North America and Europe.