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$1M funding for research into antidepressant derived from eggs

Mississauga, ON – Egg Farmers of Ontario (EFO) is providing $1 million in research and development funding to United Paragon Associates (UPA) to fund clinical trials of a new antidepressant drug derived from eggs.

“Egg Farmers of Ontario believes there are enormous potential benefits of this research into Rellidep, an antidepressant drug, for individuals suffering from depression and for society as a whole,” said Scott Graham, EFO’s chair. “The active ingredients of Rellidep are derived from eggs and that also means the research can stimulate, increase and improve the production and marketing of eggs in Ontario.”

UPA is an Ontario-based, privately held pharmaceutical developer of a proprietary therapeutic biologic isolate derived from fertilized hen’s eggs. The isolate contains patent pending active compounds originating from the embryonic stem cell material. It is being developed as a treatment for depression.