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World wide support for the Experimental Lakes Area

World wide support for the Experimental Lakes Area

Edmonton, AB — Over 3,000 people from around the world have signed an online petition that calls upon the Canadian government to save the Experimental Lakes Area (ELA). The petition is aimed at international supporters noting that it will not be forwarded to Parliament as they don’t accept online petitions. People from about 60 countries have signed the petition to keep the unique, 44-year-old whole-ecosystem research center open. It was announced on May 17, 2012, that the ELA would be shut down due to budget cuts. The facility costs $2 million dollars a year to operate.

The petition calls upon the Harper government to reverse the decision. Signatories from Canada, the United States, Europe, South America, Australia, Asia, and Africa commented that the decision is “short-sighted,” and “damages Canada’s international reputation.” Dr. Nickolai Shadrin, a researcher at Ukraine’s Institute of Biology of the Southern Seas, wrote, “The Experimental Lakes Area (ELA) occupies a unique position, not only in Canada but in the world, as a dedicated research facility for ecosystem-scale experimental investigations and long-term monitoring of ecosystem processes. We need it for understanding lakes variability on long-term scale!”

Residents of Canada, are encouraged to go to and sign the petition there or to contact their MP directly.

The online petition, and comments from signatories can be viewed at: