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Vaccine research centre receives $1.5M funding

Regina, SK – The provincial government in Saskatchewan says it is providing the vaccine and infectious disease organization (VIDO) with $1.5 million over five years to continue its work in infectious diseases.

“The province’s support enables us to continue to retain scientists and staff in Saskatchewan, and to provide a world-class research environment that supports our progress in the prevention of infectious disease,” says Dr Lorne Babiuk, VIDO director.

VIDO, created in 1975 and located at the University of Saskatchewan, is a not-for-profit global leader in vaccine research to control diseases in both humans and animals.

Over its history, VIDO has built an international reputation in the development of new vaccine delivery systems, such as oral and intranasal methods, and for its new food safety vaccine initiative. To date, VIDO is credited with five world-firsts in animal vaccine research and holds over 70 patents, with another 25 pending.

Current areas of VIDO research include enhancement of vaccine efficiency; development of single-dose vaccines, vaccines for food and water safety; vaccines against influenza, hepatitis C and SARS; development of neonatal vaccines; the improvement of early childhood vaccines and the development of novel approaches to infectious disease control.

VIDO employs more than 140 people in its research facility and 160-acre research station. Major funding for VIDO comes from the governments of Canada, Saskatchewan and Alberta, as well as from industry, private-contract research and philanthropic foundations.