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Schering-Plough Canada announces new head office in Quebec

Kirkland, QC – Schering-Plough Canada says it is planning to move to a new head office to the west of Montreal.

“The need for a new head office is the result of our company’s employee expansion over the last five years,” says Carlos Dourado, the company’s president and general manager. “Our commitment of $18.5 million over a 15-year lease for this head office clearly demonstrates the importance of our ongoing relationship with Quebec and Montreal, our home for more than 80 years.”

The company employs more than 850 people in Canada. Further, the company says it expects to hire up to 40 new employees for managerial and other key roles across the country in the next few months.

The new multi-level 80,000 sq ft building, to be located in Kirkland, will be built by Broccolini Construction and leased to Schering-Plough Canada.

The company’s manufacturing operation, which produces 300 million tablets for international and domestic markets, is located in Pointe Claire. The company also has a distribution centre located in Kirkland. The new head office will constitute the third Schering-Plough building in the area.