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Researcher wins cancer society award

Toronto, ON – Dr Geoffrey Liu, a scientist in the division of applied molecular oncology at the Ontario Cancer Institute (OCI), has won the Canadian Cancer Society’s 2008 William E Rawls Prize.

The award – presented to a young investigator – recognizes Dr Liu’s research contributions in pharmaco-genetic epidemiology and medical oncology which have led to important advances in cancer control within the past decade.

Dr Liu has made critical contributions in population-based and clinical trials research. These studies have the potential to have enormous impact on clinical practice in Canada and around the world in cancer screening, early detection, treatment and personalized medicine.

He is involved in many large-scale collaborative studies involving screening for esophageal cancer, mesotheliomia and lung cancer. The breadth of his research has the potential to impact not only drug therapy, but also radiation and chemotherapy. In addition, his biomarker research could ultimately lead to affordable lung cancer screening programs in Canada.

He holds the Alan B Brown Chair in molecular genomics at Princess Margaret Hospital/Ontario Cancer Institute, with cross appointments at both the Harvard and University of Toronto Schools of Public Health.

The William E Rawls Prize is given to a young investigator whose work has led to important advances in cancer control within the past decade. Dr Rawls served on numerous National Cancer Institute of Canada committees and advisory groups and was elected president in 1986. His research focused on viruses, particularly those involved in chronic diseases and cervical cancer.

This prize comes with $1,000 for the recipient and $20,000 for their research.