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Quebec unveils $1.2B innovation strategy

Montreal, QC – Quebec’s provincial government today released a new research and innovation strategy for 2007-2010, entitled Un Quebec innovant et prospere (An innovative and prosperous Quebec).

The announcement included new funding of $888 million over the next three years. Together with prior commitments, the strategy encompasses $1.2 billion in funding from the government for research and innovation in the province.

The strategy recognizes research and innovation as the foundation of competitiveness and the driving force behind economic development and employment creation. Commercialization of research and technology transfer are key components.

The announcement has been met with enthusiastic support from a variety of research and industry organizations, particularly because the strategy is underpinned by a partnership with the research sector, business community and public organizations.

Montreal’s metropolitan economic development organization, Montreal International, for example, says it believes the strategy represents a big step towards increased support for research and innovation.

“This strategy is a clear indication that the government of Quebec considers research and innovation to be a priority,” says Pierre Brunet, the organization’s chairman of the board of directors. “We’re particularly pleased to see that this strategy contains concrete measures for providing additional support to industrial research and business innovation, which will serve to increase competitiveness in the private sector.”

“I am thrilled that the government is placing such emphasis on innovation in an environment characterized by so many investment priorities. Quebec’s need to maximize the economic benefits of scientific discovery is precisely the challenge we will meet with nanotechnology,” says Jean Bourbonnais, chairman of NanoQuebec.