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Protein and antibody purification technology the focus of new agreement

Calgary, AB – February 24, 2004 – Agribusiness company Syngenta and biotech firm SemBioSys Genetics say they have entered into an agreement giving Syngenta access to SemBioSys’ oilbody-based Stratosome Biologics and StratoCapture purification systems for the development of Syngenta’s biologic products.

The companies say the two technologies hold the promise to significantly reduce the downstream purification costs of therapeutic proteins and monoclonal antibodies. Syngenta expects to use the oilbody technology across a number of existing and future products in its biopharmaceuticals pipeline.

SemBioSys’ oilbody/oleosin-based Stratosome Biologics System is an enabling transgenic platform that allows for the attachment of proteins to oilbodies – natural oil storage organelles found in oilseeds – through either direct targeting or affinity capture. Taking advantage of the simple physical principle that oil does not mix with water, oilbodies can be easily and inexpensively separated from the majority of other seed components. The Stratosome Biologics system provides a cost-effective solution for bulk protein production, purification and, in some cases, formulation (for topical or oral delivery). SemBioSys operates a pilot manufacturing facility that produces oilbody-based products and purified protein at scale.

Financial details of the agreement, which includes an upfront payment, option exercise fees, milestones and royalties were not disclosed.