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Prionics acquires Pfizer animal health diagnostic products

Zurich, Switzerland – Prion diagnostics developer Prionics says it is going to acquire Pfizer Animal Health. Terms were not disclosed.

The company’s product line includes tests for the detection of Bovine tuberculosis and Paratuberculosis in animals raised as a food source. Both diseases cause major economic damage to the farm industry and also have implications to human health.

“With this expansion of our product portfolio, we are confident that we’re well positioned to further grow sustainably in the farm animal diagnostics business”, says Ernst Zollinger Prionics’ head of marketing and sales.

Prionics says it will fully integrate the diagnostic tests into its product portfolio through a one-year transition to ensure a smooth changeover.

“We are confident, that our new clients will profit from Prionics’ specialized customer service. We will contact these customers directly to inform them about the planned steps”, explains Zollinger. “Moreover, we intend to use our innovative development know-how to further improve the two tests in order to offer our clients even better solutions.”