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Partnership to accelerate development of a blood test for Alzheimer’s disease

Toronto, ON – Amorfix Life Sciences and the Ontario Genomics Institute (OGI) say they are forming a partnership to develop a blood test for Alzheimer’s disease. The test will be based on Amorfix’s technology, and OGI will assist Amorfix in accelerating its program for diagnosis of neurodegenerative diseases drawing on OGI’s portfolio of state-of-the-art genomics and proteomics facilities, research and pre-commercial development in Ontario.

“Alzheimer’s Disease affects 10% of people over 65 years old and there is no definitive way to confirm a diagnosis before death,” says Dr George Adams, Amorfix’s CEO. “I am very pleased to have OGI’s support as we aim to be the first to develop a definitive blood test for Alzheimer’s.”

Alzheimer’s disease is associated with an accumulation of protein aggregates, called amyloid, in the brain. Recent research has suggested that these amyloid aggregates result from aggregation of misfolded A-beta protein fragments. A-beta is present in blood and the company believes aggregates are also present in the circulation in Alzheimer’s patients.

“We are very excited to partner with Amorfix to expedite the translation of leading research discoveries for public benefit,” says Dr Christian Burks, OGI president and CEO. “Ontario, with its leading-edge genomics and proteomics research community, is uniquely positioned to foster advances in our understanding of the role of protein misfolding and aggregation in human disease, and Amorfix is uniquely positioned to apply this understanding to discovery of better diagnostics tools and therapies for Alzheimer’s and other neurodegenerative diseases.”