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Partnership agreement for studying nanotechnology

Montreal, QC – NanoQubec, CEA-Leti (Minatec) and the UAlbany College of Nanoscale Science and Engineering have signed a tripartite agreement linking the resources of each institution and their respective regions.

The agreement is aimed at increasing the collaboration between the institutions. The deal was ratified by Jean Gaulin, industrialist and chairman of NanoQubec’s board of directors, Bernard Barbier, director of the CEA-Leti (Minatec) and Michael Fancher, director for Economic Outreach at Albany NanoTech.

Nearly 40 countries have invested significant resources in nanotechnology, creating specialized research centers and funding major research projects. The agreement shows the necessity for the three organizations to unite.

“The international competition is fierce in the field of nanotechnology, and no country can face it alone”, says Bernard Barbier. "The collaboration linking our organizations together will be profitable for each of us, while also helping us achieve a higher position as strategic entities on the world stage."

Each of the three organizations has solid foundations in their respective fields. In the past few years, NanoQubec has developed a joint action expertise in the field of nanotechnology. The College of Nanoscale Science and Engineering at the University at Albany-SUNY has an extensive nanoelectronics research facilities, with onsite industrial-academic partnerships with such research giants as IBM, GE and AMD. Finally, Grenoble, in France, has a strong expertise in the field of microelectronics.

The three parties have agreed to share their networks and to expand them within their national borders. They will also mutually promote their technological capabilities, and offer annual interregional events and other activities, such as joint technical projects.