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Nutriscience and health research cluster receives $8M in renewed funding

Charlottetown, PEI – The National Research Council (NRC) Nutrisciences and Health technology cluster initiative in Charlottetown has received renewed funding of $8 million from the federal government.

The cluster brings together experts from NRC, other government organizations, industry, and universities and colleges. The cluster identifies how renewable, naturally occurring land-and marine-based resources can be used to address critical health conditions. Conditions of particular interest are those related to ageing, obesity, infection and immunity, including neurological disorders like Parkinson and Alzheimer’s disease, cardiovascular disease, metabolic syndrome, type-2 diabetes, viruses and allergies.

“The Nutrisciences and Health Technology Cluster is an example of how NRC and its partners collaborate to develop real solutions to the health concerns of Canadians while contributing to PEI’s growing biosciences industry,” said Dr Pierre Coulombe, NRC’s president. “The government’s renewed funding for this cluster will allow the world-class researchers in PEI to continue discovering natural, renewable bioactive compounds that can positively impact human health.”

PEI is home to eight major research organizations and more than 28 bioscience companies. In the past three years, 50% more of these companies are generating revenues. NRC’s research facility in Charlottetown (NRC Institute for Nutrisciences and Health) can house up to 130 research and support staff, provides incubation space for emerging bioscience companies, and serves as a hub for collaborative nutriscience research activities.