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New testing service detects and quantifies live bacterial contamination and clinical sensitivity to antibiotics

Montreal, QC – Biopharmaceutrical company Biophage Pharma says it is offering a new service for the detection and quantification of live bacteria and their clinical sensitivity to antibiotics using its biosensor technology as well as classical bacteriological techniques. Assay development and validation can also be performed in response to the clinical and research needs of the clients. Extensive consultative services are available in the areas of test selection and interpretation as well as contamination control.

These services will find wide-ranging applications in several fields including industrial production lines (QA/QC methods for bacterial monitoring), environmental monitoring of water quality (quantification of fecal coliform bacteria in domestic water wells and evaluation of water filtration systems). Clinical applications include bacterial monitoring of blood banks, stem cells banks, biological fluids of patients, biosecurity biothreat agents monitoring) and any other tests requiring detection and quantification of bacteria.

The company says its technology has the ability to detect 5-10 bacteria in a 1 ml sample without any pre-enrichment and to simultaneously screen up to 60 samples for different types of bacteria. It detects both the presence and the viability of the pathogens and their antibiotic susceptibilities. It can also be used to monitor the presence of waterborne pathogens in drinking water, as well as detect and evaluate antibiotic sensitivity of pathogens.