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New head of research named at St Joseph’s Healthcare

Hamilton, ON – The Research Institute of St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton has appointed world renowned molecular studies expert Dr. Jack Gauldie as its new vice president of research.

Dr. Gauldie brings to this role an extensive career of scientific investigation, specifically exploring the body’s immune responses to disease. His primary area of focus, molecular manipulation for the treatment of diseases including cancer, arthritis and chronic lung diseases, has earned him international recognition as a leading expert in the field of gene therapeutics. 

He has published over 370 scientific articles and a number of book chapters, mainly dealing with the areas of biomedical research. He has received awards from the Canadian Medical Association, the Canadian Society of Clinical Chemists, and the Canadian Society for Immunology.

“This is good news all around. Jack Gauldie has a solid reputation as one of McMaster University’s most senior and highly cited scientists, and he holds our highest academic honour as a distinguished university professor,” said Dr. John Kelton, dean and vice-president of McMaster’s Faculty of Health Sciences. “Dr. Gauldie is a leader at the national and international levels for his expertise in evaluating science and developing interdisciplinary research teams, and this excellence will ensure a wonderful future for the research mandate of our academic hospital partner St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton.”

“St Joseph’s is known world-wide for its research and clinical excellence, especially in lung disease,” said Dr. Gauldie. “This excellence is something we want to preserve and expand along with the other areas of outstanding clinical leadership and research that identify St Joe’s as a well-respected academic health sciences institution.”