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New chief scientific officer for Covalon Technologies

Toronto, ON – March 8, 2004 – Advanced medical biosystems company Covalon Technologies, formerly known as UroTeq, has named Dr Valerio DiTizio as chief scientific officer.

Dr DiTizio is the co-inventor on Covalon technologies. He has an undergraduate degree in science from the University of Toronto as a biochemistry specialist. He completed his master’s degree in the department of botany at the University of Toronto, on liposome encapsulation of the antibiotic drug taxol, and the biophysics of taxol in various artificial membranes. Graduate research in Dr DiCosmo’s laboratory involved the application of polymer chemistry and drug delivery in pursuit of novel materials and processes for invasive medical devices and tissue coverings and wraps that currently comprise the core of Covalon’s intellectual property.

He obtained his doctorate from a combined program of the Institute of Biomedical Engineering and department of botany, both at the University of Toronto.

Dr DiTizio leads a team of scientists and technicians that is developing antimicrobial technologies for medical devices, and novel configurations of biomaterials for tissue coverings, wound dressings and related applications. He has been with Covalon since its inception.