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New $2M chair in gastrointestinal research at McMaster University

Hamilton, ON – April 19, 2004 – McMaster University has appointed Paul Moayyedi, MD, as the first holder of the Richard Hunt-Astra Zeneca chair in gastroenterology.

The endowed chair is funded by a $1 million donation from Richard Hunt, MD, a professor of medicine at McMaster and is matched by a $1 million donation from AstraZeneca.

Dr Moayyedi was previously a professor of gastroenterology health services research at the University of Birmingham, England joined McMaster’s Department of Medicine at the beginning of this month. As the holder of the new chair in gastoenterology, he will continue his population-based research into common gastrointestinal disorders, health services delivery and the evaluation of decision-making strategies around gastrointestinal disease.

Dr Moayyedi has been recognized internationally for his work in evaluating the management of dyspepsia, the potential for population Helicobacter pylori screening and treatment to prevent gastric cancer and has conducted one of the world’s largest cross-sectional survey evaluating irritable bowel syndrome in the community.

He obtained his medical degree in Bristol in 1988, completed his gastroenterology training at Leeds’ General Infirmary, and holds a PhD and Masters in Public Health from the University of Leeds.

Dr Hunt has been a professor at McMaster for more than 20 years. He was the first director of the intestinal disease research unit, and of the division of gastroenterology at McMaster University, and helped to establish its international reputation.

In addition to matching the funding of the chair in gastroenterology, AstraZeneca Canada has invested more than $2 million at McMaster University aimed at developing therapeutic interventions for irritable bowel syndrome and inflammatory bowel disease.

Over the past year, scientists from AstraZeneca have worked with an integrated group of clinical and basic scientists from McMaster’s intestinal disease research programme (IDRP) to find new treatments for the two diseases. Canadians who have IBD. The McMaster team consists of Dr Stephen Collins, head of gastroenterology, professor Mary Perdue and Dr Gervais Tougas.