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Kane Biotech appoints vice president of research

Winnipeg, MB – Dr Srinivasa Madhyastha has been appointed vice president of research for Kane Biotech. The company develops products that prevent and disperse bacterial biofilms. Dr Madhyastha joined the company as senior scientist and manager in January 2002, and later assumed the responsibility of director of research.

“We are very fortunate to have someone with Dr Madhyastha’s expertise and credentials on our team. Our pipeline of technologies has seen rapid growth under his guidance for the past five years”, says Gord Froehlich, the company’s president. “Dr Madhyastha is ideally qualified to lead Kane Biotech’s research and development program into the future and we are pleased to announce his appointment to vice president of research.”

He has over 20 years experience in scientific research, management and teaching, with over 50 publications in refereed scientific journals and three patents. Prior to joining Kane Biotech, he held several senior research positions in the biotechnology industry including director of research and development at Viventia Biotech (formerly Novopharm Biotech) and director of research and human resources Nutratech. He holds a PhD in applied microbiology from the National Institute of Nutrition, India. He completed his post-doctoral fellowship at the University of Manitoba and Auburn University, Alabama. He has also previously served as adjunct professor in the department of animal science, University of Manitoba.

“As the company moves towards the commercialization of KBI-4258 and KBI-5898, my focus will be to expedite the development of Kane’s pipeline of additional biofilm-related technologies and products for medical and industrial applications,” he says.