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Hazardous waste treatment technology receives development support

Montreal, QC – April 8, 2004 – The federal government is providing $1.8 million in technologies to recycle hazardous heavy metal waste. The funding is part of a $5.6-million project being undertaken by Fermag to develop, design and demonstrate a pre-commercial pilot scale process for the hydrometallurgical treatment of hazardous ashes produced by the steel industry.

The project will develop a pre-commercial pilot recycling facility to extract and recycle ferrite and magnetite pigments from the flue dust, which can be re-sold as cement additives and pigments to the paint and coating industry. Using hydrometallurgy, this processing will leave behind lead and zinc.

“Our technology will change the way the steelmaking industry handles its waste as well as its impact on our environment,” said Louis Archambault, president of Fermag. “Through this new process, we will be able to turn a significant quantity of hazardous waste into a reusable, commercially viable resource, thereby contributing to the sustainability of the steel industry in Canada and protecting our environment.”