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Global chemical management under the microscope

Helsinki, Finland – Last week, the Helsinki Chemicals Forum 2013 created a lively and insightful dialogue of regulators, politicians, industry leaders, NGOs and academics to discuss important aspects of chemical management globally. The fifth leading international chemicals safety conference was held at the Helsinki Exhibition & Convention Centre on 18–19 June 2013.

This year the forum brought top international experts – including Environment Canada’s Jake Sanderson and Health Canada’s Eeva Leinala – together to discuss and exchange views on the promotion and development of global chemicals safety and related legislation. Organized into five thematic panels, the discussions probed issues surrounding the goals of sound international management of chemicals, safety of chemicals in products and the adequacy of current safety regulations, regulation of nano-materials, coordination between world chemical regulators regarding listings of chemicals of concern, and how to transfer scientific knowledge about combination effects of chemicals into regulatory action.


The forum is organized by the Chemicals Forum Association, along with the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA), the umbrella organization for the European chemicals industries CEFIC, and Finland’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ministry of the Environment. Partners include the City of Helsinki, the Chemical Industry Federation of Finland and the University of Helsinki.


Next year, the Helsinki Chemicals Forum will be held on 22-23 May 2014 in Helsinki, Finland.