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Funding of $800,000 to support research at Genome Prairie

Saskatoon, SK – Western Economic Diversification Canada is providing funding of $800,000 for research at Genome Prairie that is aimed at strengthening the region’s ability to develop and commercialize innovations in the field of genomics.

The support will contribute to a series of 12 multi-stakeholder networks for the application of genomics to key economic sectors in Western Canada.The funding will be provided over four years, and builds on project funding of $800,000 for Genome BC that was announced in early March.

The funding is earmarked to support the development and implementation of four pan-western genomics networks. The four networks are expected to focus on applications in agriculture and in health. The funding will also enable Genome Prairie to participate in the networks to be led by Genome British Columbia and Genome Alberta.

The networks, developed and implemented over four years, will involve stakeholders from across Western Canada, including industry, provincial governments, universities, and federal laboratories and agencies.Each network will provide a foundation that will enable western Canadian companies and research organizations to engage in the emerging genomic industry.

The networks will increase collaboration, reduce duplication and are expected to be more successful at leveraging support from other partners.

“Genome Prairie is pleased to be involved in the establishment of these collaborative pan-western networks to strengthen our provinces’ life sciences sectors. These partnerships will assist us in bringing genomics research from concept to commercialization for the benefit of all Canadians.We are especially proud to be leading the Brassica and flax networks, as genomics research plays a critical role in the future of our nation’s agricultural economy,” said Jerome Konecsni, president and CEO, Genome Prairie.