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Federal research agency to locate regional office in Moncton

Moncton, NB – March 15 – NSERC, now also known as Science and Engineering Research Canada, says it plans to locate a regional office for Atlantic Canada in Moncton.

While NSERC invests more than $700 million in university research across Canada each year, until now its entire staff has been located in Ottawa. NSERC currently supports the work of more than 1,400 researchers in 12 universities across the Atlantic region.

“The new office will be involved in helping Atlantic universities build research capacity and in stimulating innovation in the communities of the region,” says Tom Brzustowski, NSERC president.

The office will be staffed by four people whose main functions will focus on communication and facilitating access to programs. The organizations ays priority will be placed on ensuring that the office serves the whole Atlantic region. As the situation evolves, it says there may be a need to have a more significant presence in other locations in the region to address specific needs.

The regional office will enable NSERC to devote more time to speak with researchers and students, understanding their needs and concerns, and facilitating the development of new projects and opportunities. NSERC will also work on creating links with other organizations closely involved in research, innovation and the promotion of science in Atlantic Canada.

A new Prairie regional office is also planned for Winnipeg. NSERC says it is creating both these offices within its current administrative and salary resources. Other regional offices will eventually be established in Qubec, Ontario and British Columbia.