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Federal government proposes improved reporting process for new chemicals

Ottawa, ON – The federal government has proposed an updated process for businesses to report new substances that companies plan to manufacture domestically or to import from other countries.

The proposed revisions to the new substance notification regulations will continue to ensure that all new substances in Canada are assessed for their potential impact on the environment and human health in the country. The government says it proposed the revisions in response to consultations with Canadian businesses.

The simpler process will give businesses a clear idea of the actions required when reporting new substances. The proposed revisions will also separate living organisms from chemicals and polymers in order to simplify access for businesses involved in these sectors.

“These proposed changes demonstrate the government of Canada’s commitment to deliver proactive protection for the health and environment of Canadians,” says Stphane Dion, environment minister. "Besides helping the government to monitor chemicals that could be introduced to the country, these proposed revisions will help businesses to save both time and money and to improve their competitive edge in the marketplace.”

The government is accepting comments concerning the proposed regulations until December 29.