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Edmonton research company receives $10 million boost for drug discovery

Edmonton, AB – NAEJA Pharmaceutical is being given the opportunity to help discover the next innovative medicine for pain control after receiving a significant investment from AstraZeneca Canada. Under the terms of the deal announced today, AstraZeneca Canada will invest $10.2 million over the three-year partnership that will create 20 new jobs at NAEJA, and focus on accelerating the development of novel pain control compounds.

“Investing in health sciences innovation is the best way to help create a strong, vibrant economy,” says Michael Cloutier, president and CEO of AstraZeneca Canada. “NAEJA has extensive research experience, the right qualifications and an excellent track record in delivering results. With this partnership, we’ll be able to bring more innovative medicines to market and improve patient outcomes.”

NAEJA is a chemistry contract research company specializing in pre-clinical discovery and development. The company will work with chemists from AstraZeneca’s state-of-the-art drug discovery centre in Montreal to identify potential drug candidates in the area of pain management.