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Dalhousie and SCIREQ form joint venture for asthma products

Halifax, NS – Dalhousie University and SCIREQ Scientific Respiratory Equipment of Montreal say they have agreed on terms for a new collaborative venture in the area of asthma.

SCIREQ has been collaborating for several years with Dr Geoff Maksym and his colleagues in the department of biomedical engineering at Dalhousie and over the years a number of patents have been filed by SCIREQ and Dalhousie on novel methods and equipment for measuring airway function in both adults and children.

Dalhousie and SCIREQ have agreed to jointly fund the startup of a new company in Halifax that will commercialize the joint research programs between the company and the university, develop products for the market, manufacture and sell new medical devices for lung function measurement. Under terms of the agreement, Dalhousie will receive equity, annual payments and royalties on product sales from the new venture.