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Collaborative research to create microwave vacuum instrument

Vancouver, BC – Research and development company EnWave says it has formed a collaborative research relationship with Dr Helen Burt, Angiotech professor of drug delivery in the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences at the University of British Columbia.

The partners plan to design and build a new microwave-vacuum instrument specifically for processing of porous pharmaceutical and medical materials using special radiant energy and vacuum (REV) techniques developed in the laboratory of EnWave’s president, Dr Durance. The REV equipment will be funded equally by the two parties and installed on the UBC campus.

“My interest in REV techniques stems from my involvement in research to develop biomaterials for bone regeneration.” says Dr Burt. “I am excited about the potential of EnWave’s technology to form porous, resorbable scaffold material that, in combination with stem cell therapy and local drug delivery systems, may contribute to improving the success of revision hip replacement therapies. If successful, the same techniques are likely to be applicable to other situations requiring bone augmentation or regeneration.”