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Canadian scientists win space fellowships

Longueuil, QC – The Canadian Space Agency has announced four fellowships in space science. Fellows in the 2004 competition are Dr Scott Chapman of the University of Victoria, and Dr Konstantin Kabin of the University of Alberta. Fellows in the 2005 competition are Dr Marcin Sawicki of St Mary’s University, and Dr Colin Borys of the University of Toronto. Each is entitled to a research grant of up to $180,000 over three years.

The fellowships in space science encourage promising scientists to conduct space research activities in a university, an industry or a government research institution in Canada, and are part of the Canadian Space Agency Grant Program to Support Awareness, Research, and Training in Space Science and Technology. The research conducted contributes to advancement in fields such as space astronomy, planetary exploration, solar-terrestrial relations and space physics, atmospheric sciences, space physical sciences, and space life sciences.